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Textbanking Boot Camp – Register Dems in CA-22, NC, WI and TX!

Textbanking Boot Camp – Register Dems in CA-22, NC, WI and TX!

Next Date Mar 30, 20234:00pm - 5:00pm PDT

Location Los Angeles, CA 90064

About this event

We might have cracked the nut on texting! We’re calling it BYOP or Bring Your Own Phone.

What is BYOP textbanking? Instead of raising money to pay for expensive, easy to use texting software, we’re making texting available using slightly awkward, but still pretty easy technology. You’ll actually be using your computer not your cell phone, but you’ll use your cellular data plan or a Google Voice number you set up.

You will need to set two things up on your computer before attending our Field Team 6 BYOP Boot Camp. This document gives links to both items:–R2-OfGITkfd34g/edit?usp=sharing

1. ActionID. You may already have one if you phone or text banked with Field Team 6 in the past.
2. Texting software that allows you to send text messages directly from your computer, using your cell phone carrier’s plan.

When you have both items ready, please register for Boot Camp!

Step right up on Thursdays, 4:00 PT! We’ll be registering new Democrats in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Texas, and CA-22 (formerly CA-21). Let’s get Democrats elected up and down the ballot!

We will train you up and set you loose! If you are tech-challenged, you might want to sit this one out as we work out the kinks.

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