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Communities United & Partners Friday Discussion

Communities United & Partners Friday Discussion

Next Date Jun 2, 20234:30pm - 6:00pm PDT

Location 98507

About this event

BuildBackBetter USA, grassroots organizing for action, supporting the Biden/Harris administration, and working through civic, electoral, and legislative action. We accomplish this through advocacy, oversight, holding our elected officials accountable to perform their jobs on behalf of their constituents; community engagement, and civic education.

Our BBB-USA leader/mentor/educator was a Communities United Organizer with 2020Victory, Organize Everywhere 2022 (soon for 2024), a Regional Events Organizing Lead; also an affiliate of Women for Biden-Harris, co-founder of Washington Women for Joe Biden; and DFAD – Declaration for American Democracy Coalition member. She was elected as a National Delegate for Joe Biden in her congressional district and has lifelong experience that lends itself to the work we need to do. She has been engaged as a full-time volunteer activist leader since 2016 and involved in social and political issues her whole life.

Everyone is welcome to join us! Election politics brought us together and have been the topic of our conversations. The discussion topic usually comes from the immediate past events and is determined by those who attend.

Come and enjoy a friendly conversation among like-minded folks, get acquainted with others from across the country, and let’s build a community to restore the soul of our nation. Meet others we’ve worked with but didn’t really have the chance to get to know during the campaign. Let your hair down, we’re offering a place to have safe and comfortable conversations.

What comes next is so EXCITING! Drop-in and get to know us!

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